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U.S. Produce Aisles Experience Volume and Sales Growth

U.S. Produce Aisles Experience Volume and Sales Growth

Revenue from U.S. produce departments rose 4.8% in 2013, averaging $47,000 per week, reported United Fresh in its annual FreshFacts on Retail.

Average weekly dollar sales grew 4.5% for fruit in comparison to 2012. For vegetables, all top 10 categories also experienced an increase in weekly dollar sales, alongside value-added fruit and fresh-cut fruit. Continue reading

The Expanding World of Organics

The Expanding World of Organics

What motivates a shopper to try an organic product can vary from shopping cart to shopping cart. The definition of the typical organic shopper is becoming blurry as more consumers experiment with the segment. Continue reading

Organics Unlimited Increases Organic Banana Plantings in Mexico

Organics Unlimited Increases Organic Banana Plantings in Mexico

With an eye on expanding its market and buoyed by strong demand, Organics Unlimited has increased its organic banana acreage.

“Organics Unlimited is an organic banana grower in Mexico, and we also pack and import all of our bananas to the United States for distribution there,” said Mayra Velazquez de Leon, who, with her husband, Manuel, owns and operates Organics Unlimited in San Diego. “Distribution is from our warehouse in San Diego, where we sell to both chains who have ripening capabilities and wholesalers who ripen.” Continue reading

Study: Teens Buying More Organic

Study Teens Buying More Organic

A wide-ranging study of teen consumption trends states that more teens are choosing organic food compared with two years ago.

Minneapolis-based Piper Jaffray & Co. recently released its 26th semi-annual “Taking Stock With Teens” consumer research project . The study found that 39% of teens reported they ate organic food compared with 33% two years ago. Continue reading

Highway Eases Path to Texas for Shippers

Highway Eases Path to Texas for Shippers

The long awaited completion of the Mazatlan-Durango Highway offers fresh produce shippers an easier way to move product from Sinaloa to the McAllen, Texas, area. The opening of the $2.1 billion highway, more than a decade under construction, was marked by Mexican authorities in an Oct. 17 ceremony. Continue reading

Organic Category Continues Growth Pattern

Organic Category Continues Growth Pattern

Organic demand continues to grow, according to reports from suppliers. The Organic Trade Association recently released its 2013 organic industry survey, which tracks U.S. organic sales. Continue reading

Sustainable Trend Requires Education Efforts

Sustainable Trend Requires Education Efforts

Organic, Fair Trade and other sustainable solutions remain popular with banana companies, and companies continue the education efforts needed to promote those programs. Continue reading

Retailers Focus on Bananas with Good Results

Retailers Focus on Bananas with Good Results

Banana suppliers know retailers are the key to increasing sales, and lately they’ve seen an increase in interest about growing the category. Continue reading

Banana Supplies Steady

Banana Supplies Steady

Banana supplies have been steady for most of 2013, which has led to an increase in sales, suppliers say. Continue reading

OTA Suggests Strong Rise in Organic Produce Sales

OTA Suggests Strong Rise in Organic Produce Sales

If you think organic produce is a trend that has plateaued, think again.

The latest Organic Trade Association survey shows organic fresh produce sales continue to rise and at a greater rate as the recession recedes.

OTA figures show produce sales rose by more than 13% to $9.7 billion in 2012, and organic fruits and vegetables account for more than 10% of consumer fruit and vegetable sales, compared with 6% in 2006 and 2% in 1998.

There is no doubt that consumers’ demand for organic food, especially fresh fruits and vegetables, will increase as the economy strengthens.

Companies that specialize in organic produce and ones that grow and ship only a portion of their product as organic each are finding success.

Nearly every fruit and vegetable item is seeing organic growth.

For instance, organic pear production in the Northwest is expected to rise this year to meet demand.

In the past, we have been skeptical of OTA’s sales figures, and this year they differ from ones we’ve used. In The Packer’s annual Produce Market Guide, we reported retail scan data figures from FreshLook Marketing that showed organic produce sales grew from $2.34 billion in 2011 to $2.78 billion in 2012, and increased from 4.5% of total produce sales to 5.2% of total sales.

The OTA acknowledges its survey has overestimated sales in the past, and it’s good to see the group continue to work on presenting the industry with accurate figures.

Regardless of the details, organic produce remains a niche that many produce companies find worth the investment.

Source: The Packer