Bananas Are Sales Leaders in Any Culture


Photo courtesy of McKay Savage

Organics Unlimited has attended several produce trade shows in the past few years and 2015 is no exception. Last month we attended Organicology in Portland, Ore. Currently, we are at FOODEX, a trade show in Japan, showcasing our BioFruit label and introducing the GROW label and program to our Japanese customers. Continue reading

Banana Cheesecake Squares

cheese Take your cheesecake making skills to the next level with this delectable recipe that will have everyone talking at your next soiree. We’ve given you no-bake cheesecake option before, but this is a step above and beyond your typical cheesecake. Thanks to the creaminess of the bananas and the flavorful crust, topped off with coconut flakes, this dessert is completely irresistible. Continue reading

GROW by Organics Unlimited Receives the Honorable Mention Award for Community Partnership

Prepare for GROW Month this September

2015 is off to a strong start for both our business and Social Responsibility program. As we embark on the 10th anniversary of GROW (Giving Resources and Opportunities to Workers), we are pleased to announce that GROW by Organics Unlimited has earned the Honorable Mention Award for PR Daily’s Best Corporate Community Partnership. Continue reading

Gluten-free Banana Peanut Butter Brownies

peanut butter

Rich, soft and chocolaty, this brownie makes a delectable dessert guaranteed to have you savoring each bite. Best of all? You’re likely to have all the ingredients in your pantry already! Easy and fun, this grain-free and gluten-free delight melds the delicious flavor of bananas in every square. Continue reading

Study: supermarket share of local food sales grows

produceSupermarkets are stealing some local food demand from farmers markets, a new U.S. Department of Agriculture report indicates.

Called “Trends in U.S. local and regional food systems,” the 89-page USDA Economic Research Service report said inflation-adjusted sales through farmers markets did not increase between 2007 and 2012, while overall sales of local food increased by nearly 30% in roughly the same period.

While sales of food through direct-to-consumer outlets (farmers markets, roadside stands, you-pick operations) have leveled off, local food sales through intermediated marketing channels (distributors, food hubs and retailers) appear to be increasing, according to the report. “Growing consumer demand for local food may have been met by retailers rather than through direct to consumer sales,” according to the report. Continue reading

West Coast Port Dispute Update

Port of Los Angeles Container Cranes

As the port dispute closes its second lockout week, we’d like our distributors and retailers to know that we’re continuing our best efforts to provide you with excellent customer service during this challenging time. Wednesday of this week, U.S. Labor Secretary Thomas Perez met with both sides in an effort to break the stalemate and avoid a shutdown of 29 West Coast ports.

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Tips for Reaching your Athletic Customer

Banana bunches from Organics Unlimited

For athletes looking to fuel their bodies, a healthy, nutritious diet remains a top priority. Creating organic banana displays that speak to athletes is a smart idea that can be easily done in your store. Loaded with diverse health benefits and with an easy, on-the-go nature, organic bananas can be every athlete’s fruit of choice.

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