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Recipe: DIY Banana Bread in a Jar

diy banana bread jar

Christmas is just a few days away and we’ve got the best holiday recipe that is not only delicious, but a great gift idea for your friends and family. Impress the loved ones in your life this DIY banana bread jar recipe. This recipe will show off your creative side and also warm the soul upon first bite. Find out how you can make this simple gift recipe after the break. Continue reading

Recipe: Peanut Butter Banana Bread with Candied Bacon

Peanut-Butter-Banana-Bread Candied bacon

There’s nothing better than a good banana bread as the holiday season approaches. But this peanut butter banana bread is especially special because it comes equipped with candied bacon. And for the holiday enthusiasts, you can evolve this recipe if you decide to make turkey bacon after Thanksgiving. This is one scrumptious banana bread that will have people talking. Continue reading

Recipe: Banana Apple Bread

Banana Apple Bread Recipe


In anticipation to Teacher Appreciation Day next week on May 6, what better way to celebrate than with this recipe for Banana Apple Bread? Teachers love apples, and so it would only make sense to combine them with the awesome power of bananas in a bread form. Soft and incredibly tasty, this homemade bread recipe will be so good your teacher might not share with the class.  Continue reading

Recipe: Banana Shortbread

Recipe Banana Shortbread

Moister than your average shortbread, this banana shortbread packs a great bold flavor. Perfect for a good weekend bake session, these light treats pair well with melted chocolate or are perfectly tasty left on their own.

Continue reading

Recipe: Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Recipe chocolate-chip-banana-bread

This recipe is great for school lunches or toasted for breakfast.  You can eat it on the go or sit down and eat it with a hot cup of coffee and a good book.  Whatever your method of consumption is, make sure you try this delicious recipe today. Continue reading

10 Healthy Banana Recipes You Need to Try Today

10 Healthy Banana Recipes You Need to Try Today

We’re just one month away from summer. It’s time to get those beach bodies back in shape and what better way to do that than with cooking up a batch of healthy banana cookies or starting the day off right with a banana protein shake? There are many great tasty and healthy recipes to make you feel healthy and energized. Continue reading

Recipe: Guilt-Free Choco-Banana Bread

Guilt-Free Choco-Banana Bread

Forget about all the butter-packed, sugared-up, chocolate chip banana breads in the world and go for this guilt-free recipe. It uses smart swaps like fat-free liquid egg substitute and light butter to lower the fat count. Then it uses whole-wheat flour to boost the fiber.  Add the perfect balance of sweeteners, plenty of mini chocolate chips, lots of banana, and you’ve got one delicious, no-guilt treat. Continue reading