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Recipe: Banana Halloween Chocolate Spider Web Cake

Recipe Banana Halloween Chocolate Spider Web Cake

Sick and tired of eating only candy on Halloween? Change it up and create the perfect alternative that takes only 20 minutes to make. Treat your guests with a banana chocolate cake! Creating a spider web made out of icing will be the perfect touch to your professionally looking treat!

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Recipe: Banana Cake with Orange Caramel Glaze

Banana Cake with Orange Caramel Glaze

Banana bread isn’t the only option when you have a bunch of overripe bananas sitting in your kitchen. Sometimes you want something a little bit dressier than a plain loaf of banana bread. This Banana Cake with Orange Caramel Glaze is a great option. The cake is just as easy to make as banana bread but is much less dense and is topped with a delicious glaze. Continue reading

Recipe: Allergen-free Banana Cake

Mom's Banana Cake

For anyone that suffers from food allergies here is a delicious banana cake recipe just for you. This cake is so simple to make with just a few different ingredients found at your local health food store. If you have overripe bananas lying around, transform them into this delectable treat that is safe for just about everyone. Continue reading

Recipe: Cinnamon Chocolate Banana Mexican Monkey Cake

Cinnamon Chocolate Banana Mexican Monkey Cake

Go bananas over this delicious cake that is a perfect pairing for any meal of the day! The cake gets its name from the chocolate and cinnamon combination that is popular in Mexican cooking and with the addition of bananas, it really puts it over the top. Continue reading