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Recipe: Strawberry Banana Yogurt Parfait

Recipe Strawberry Banana Yogurt Parfait

Next Tuesday, May 20, is pick your own strawberries day. And we all know what compliments well with strawberries, organic bananas of course. We’ve got a special Strawberry Banana Yogurt Parfait recipe we’d love to share with you. It’s the perfect treat that’s light and will help you cool off this summer. Sharing is optional.  Continue reading

Recipe: Baked Banana Tempura

Recipe Baked Banana Tempura

Put on a show for your significant other this Valentine’s Day and whip up a special batch of Baked Banana Tempura. This savory and sweet recipe will prove you have more creative prowess in the kitchen than just the ordinary cakes and cookies. They are easy to make and can be thrown together in no time. These little treats are just what the love doctor ordered. Continue reading

Recipe: Chocolate-Caramel-Banana Upside-Down Cake

Recipe Chocolate-Caramel-Banana Upside-Down Cake

Chocolate Cake Day is January 27, and what better way to spice things up than by adding bananas. This Chocolate-Caramel-Banana Upside-Down Cake is the perfect way to celebrate without feeling totally guilty. The sweetness of the bananas make a wonderful inclusion to the traditional chocolate upside-down cake. Your taste buds will thank you later. Continue reading

Recipe: Chocolate & Banana Tart

Recipe Warm Chocolate and Banana Tart

Treat your guests this holiday season with something very special. This savory and sweet Chocolate and Banana Tart is the perfect after dinner desert that will warm their hearts and send their holiday spirit to an all time high. Continue reading

Recipe: Banana Cookies and Bourbon Ice Cream Sandwiches

Recipe Banana Cookies and Bourbon Ice Cream Sandwiches

Spoil Santa this Christmas with a special cookie sandwich made from bananas and ice cream. Only this ice cream has an extra kick for those favor the taste of bourbon. Of course you can always use your own favorite ice cream flavor if you choose. Saint Nick will be sure to add you to the nice list if you make these banana cookie ice cream sandwiches. Find the recipe after the jump. Continue reading

Recipe: Strawberry-Banana Parfaits

Recipe Strawberry-Banana Parfaits

Celebrate National Parfait Day on November 25! This recipe for a strawberry- banana parfait is certainly delicious and nutritious. Great for an mid-day snack or a savory dessert, you can’t go wrong with this little parfait. Make a whole batch for your customers at your store or for your friends and family. Continue reading

Recipe: Bourbon Banana Pudding with Glazed Pecans

Recipe Bourbon Banana Pudding with Glazed Pecans

Not only is November National Peanut Butter Month, but it is also National Banana Pudding Lovers Month. Celebrate this perfect time of the year with this scrumptious recipe for Bourbon Banana Pudding with Glazed Pecans. A treat fit for all food lovers that combines the light side of spongecake with the decadence of banana pudding.

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