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GROW Scholar: Adriana’s Story

GROW Scholar Adriana's Story

Your support of GROW bananas provides young adults amazing opportunities through scholarship programs such as Project Amigo. Through the GROW program, one fourth-year nursing student at the University of Colima, Adriana Dominguez (pictured above), got a chance of a lifetime to travel up to Seattle, Washington to gain experiences she never thought would have been possible before GROW. Continue reading

Eloina’s Story

Eloina Lopez GROW Project Amigo

September is also Hispanic Heritage Month and Self-Improvement Month, two celebrations that coincide perfectly with GROW Month. Meet Eloina Lopez. She is a recent recipient of an educational scholarship from Project Amigo thanks to funding of the GROW Program. Organics Unlimited, creator of GROW thanks you for your support. When your customers purchase GROW bananas, you inspire youths like Eloina who get a better chance to have a better future. Continue reading

Spotlight on: Heriberto Maximino Garcia Ramos

This story could be one your chain starred in merely because of how you purchase produce.  $.60 of every box of GROW (Giving Resources and Opportunities to Workers) bananas goes to help people like Max.

“Hi! My name is Heriberto Maximino Garcia Ramos, but you can call me Max. I’m 15 years old and live in Colima, Mexico with my parents and younger brother. I am in tenth grade and am fortunate enough to be part of GROW’s scholarship program. In order to help support my family, I work five hours a day out in the fields, then after that, I attend school classes from 1:30pm-8:00pm. Even with the little money I do make, I am not able to pay for simple school supplies like books, paper and pencils.”

Thanks to the GROW fund, I’m able to focus on my schooling and work towards my goal of becoming a computer engineer in the future. In order to retain my scholarship, I know I must maintain my good GPA, perform community service, attend weekly homework clubs and always act respectfully to my teachers and peers. I am so thankful for this opportunity and I work very hard each day to do my best in school and be a positive contributor to my community!”

By purchasing GROW bananas, you’re helping children like Max achieve his goals and dreams. Your customers will appreciate the opportunity to support GROW, which not only contributes scholarships, but also helps provide vision and dental clinics to workers and their families. For more GROW stories, helpful point of purchase displays and retailer tips, visit our Facebook page and website.

Dalia’s Story

GROW gives young people in the banana growing region of Mexico the opportunity to continue their studies in order to achieve their goals. Thanks to GROW, bright young students in Colima are given the chance to follow their dreams and make a new life for themselves and their families. Here is Dalia’s story:

“My name is Dalia. I was born and raised in Cerro de Ortega, Colima. I studied in its small schools where I enjoyed every moment of academic enrichment. I am part of a big family; I am the youngest of one brother and five sisters.

When I started high school my parents talked to me about making sure I always tried my best in school because from then on they would have to make major sacrifices in order to give me the opportunity to keep studying. Fortunately during that time I found GROW, which along with Project Amigo gave me the opportunity not only to finish high school but also to go to college. Today I am studying in the School of Foreign Languages to be an interpreter thanks to the help and encouragement that GROW has given me. I truly consider them part of my family because I have shared three and a half years of happiness and effort with them.

Thanks always to the GROW Foundation and Project Amigo”

Help GROW kids like Dalia stay in school by buying GROW bananas!

Christian’s Story

Each student in the GROW Scholarship program has their own career goals and ambitions. It’s so great to help students follow through on their dreams. Here is Christian’s story, in his own words:


My name is Christian Tellez Monje. I am 19 years old, and am currently in my 3rd semester as an architecture student at the University of Colima, thanks to a scholarship from GROW and Project Amigo.

I was selected for this scholarship during my 4th semester of high school. I was very happy when I was selected for the scholarship, because I knew that would help me reach my dreams of becoming an architect. Originally, I thought I’d have to take lots of time off after high school to work and save up for college, which made me worry that I’d never have the money to pursue my goals. I had hoped to get a job in construction so I could make enough to save a little.

For me, GROW means so much. I feel like my dreams are now within reach, and I am able to see myself as an architect in the near future. Without the GROW scholarship, I would have had to work full time in order to save up for school, and seeing how architecture is a very expensive major, it would have taken me a very long time to save up enough money.

Thank you to GROW and to GROW supporters for helping me reach my goals! I couldn’t do this without you!

Continue helping students like Christian by purchasing bananas with the GROW label, or by donating online here.

Leonel’s Story

GROW gives kids more than the resources to keep studying. The program gives these kids confidence in themselves as well as a community that offers them support and friendship. Today, Leonel tells us how he found new friends and new goals through the program:

“My name is Leonel Elizarraraz Arroyo. My dad works in the fields. My mother is an assistant at the school cafeteria. This scholarship that GROW gave me is very important to me, because without it, it would have been very difficult for me to continue studying. Before I learned of this scholarship I did not plan on starting a career, much less finishing one, but after experiencing the support that GROW gives me, everything changed because now I have set a goal and little by little I feel that I am reaching it.

The first day of the homework club I was nervous because I did not know anyone except my cousin Cesareo. It was very difficult for me to go because I did not know anybody, in fact sometimes I got there late or didn’t show up, but every day the group got closer to me and I got closer to the group. Some Saturdays and Sundays we go to the beach to do social service cleaning up trash left by people). It makes me so happy that I have found a big family in them.

For me, this scholarship has been the best thing that has ever happened. Currently in my junior year of high school, I’ve been with this scholarship for three years and I am very happy because since I’ve been here my grade point average has gone up, I am more responsible, humble and sociable. I am grateful to my sponsors Mayra and Manuel for the great opportunity they are providing me that is helping me become a better person.

Thank you so much to my sponsors from GROW.”

Support GROW and help give kids better lives by buying GROW bananas or donating through the facebook Donate tab.

Cezar’s Story Continued

As you may be aware, I am spending the remainder of the month in the Colima area, involved with Project Amigo, which receives a great deal of funding from GROW. Yesterday (Saturday) was a very special day. It was the day that we went to Queseria to do a work project. Queseria is a poor, migrant village that was established by six sugar cane companies. The workers live in the camp with their families, and many of them are there for six months or less, while there is employment. Others live in what we were consider some pretty bad conditions for years on end.

So what was so special about yesterday? Well, earlier in this blog we wrote about Cezar. He is a young boy with cerebral palsy who has been unable to walk, but through the help of GROW, has received a wheel chair that allows him to sit up and to be somewhat mobil. He’s still a little boy, maybe 6 or 7, but through the attention he has gotten, he has progressed greatly over the past year.

My joy? Yesterday I gave Cezar a haircut while he sat in his chair. First we trimmed a little, but he wanted it short, and his mother wanted it short. So we gave him a nice summer haircut that is cooler in the hot, humid weather. And he was so happy with it. He is now able to be out on the playground with the other children in his chair, and Cezar’s life will continue to improve while Project Amigo looks for special schooling for him. Cezar will have a brighter future than anyone ever imaged. And yes, I got to give him a haircut and be part of something special that happened in his life yesterday. It made my life special too.

To support GROW, please buy GROW bananas or donate online. Volunteer opportunities are available through Project Amigo.

Luis Nava’s Story

Each and every personal account of the children whose lives have been transformed by the GROW fund touch our hearts. We continue to share their stories with you. Today Luis tells us about how he longed to join the GROW group and how GROW has made his dreams a possibility:

“My name is Luis Nava Quiroz, born on August 7, 1996. I am currently in Emiliano Zapata Technical High School #7. I live in the town of Cerro de Ortega, Tecoman, Colima.

Before obtaining this scholarship, I was was already a child who wanted to study but had almost no money to buy my supplies and uniforms. I would see the scholarship recipients from GROW and Project Amigo walk around Cerro de Ortega doing social service; I would go to the summer courses that the scholarship recipients put together. That is when I met the teacher that helped them put together the courses, Miss Julieta. I learned a lot from the courses that I didn’t know before and after a few weeks the teacher asked if I wanted to become part of the club, she told me I met all the requirements that were needed and I had good grades. When I was accepted into the group, I committed myself to always get good grades. I did everything the older scholarship recipients did and I felt happy with my new friends. From that day until today I always do what I promised to do, I serve my community and I really enjoy doing it, we have put together many campaigns, we have put on Olympic sports competitions, we put on shows for our community’s celebrations and we participate in the competitions as a group.

When I grow up I want to be a CPA, that is why I want to stick with this scholarship for a long time, because I don’t have the resources to study. I also attend math courses to help me succeed in the profession I want to study when I grow up.

Thank you to my sponsors Manuel and Mayra from GROW and thanks to Proyecto Amigo, for the great support they give me. Someday I want to be like you, after I get my degree and start to work, I want to help kids who can’t study because they don’t have the resources to do so.

Thank you so much!”

GROW continues to give bright young kids like Luis the opportunity to continue studying and to achieve their dreams. These kids look forward to reaching their goals and paying forward, like the scholarship recipients before them. Help kids like Luis by buying GROW bananas or donating to the GROW fund through the facebook Donate tab.

Carlos Daniel’s Story

What is GROW? Let’s read the answer in the words of a young man who has experienced the benefits of the program:

“Who or what is GROW? You could say that it is a foundation that helps field workers and their families but for me GROW is so much more.

My name is Carlos Daniel Arias Vazquez and I am from Ixtlahuacan, Colima. I was born into a poor family and we have never had the opportunity to enjoy any luxuries. My father has always supported my three brothers and me. I have always been a good student, I attribute this to my constant motivation to succeed in life. I did not learn about GROW until after I finished high school. Before I learned about GROW, I was a boy who dreamt about succeeding and achieving my goals, getting my family out of the difficult economic state we were in, to give them a good future and be able to help others, values that my parents have instilled in me since I was a young boy. That dream however, was crumbling, it was slipping away from me like water slips from one’s hands and I couldn’t do anything about it. My future and my family’s future were disappearing fast because of our financial situation. What could I do? I didn’t give up, I said, “I’m going to succeed” I am not going to let my dreams fall apart before my eyes” and that is how I began the search for organizations that could help me continue my studies. This search is what lead me to find GROW through Project Amigo.

Thanks to GROW today I am enrolled in my third semester of college. I am studying a major in psychology and because of GROW, the opportunity of a new future has appeared. Thanks to GROW my family counts on the hope and happiness of having a son who will help them move forward and thanks to GROW I will be able to help many other people in the world. Therefore, to me, GROW signifies much more than a program to help field workers and their families. To me, GROW is hope and a new reality, it is the valuable opportunity to succeed and build a better future for me, my family, and the world. And in the future, I will be able to say with great pride: “Thanks to GROW and Project Amigo I am who I am today.”

GROW changes lives each and every day. Help people like Carlos find hope and build a better future by buying GROW bananas or donating directly to the GROW fund through the facebook page’s Donate tab.

Cezar’s Story

With the help of dedicated volunteers, donations and GROW funds, a young boy’s life in Queseria, Mexico will be forever changed.

GROW funds are dedicated to helping improve the lives of farm workers and their families. Here is the story of Cezar, a young disabled boy, the son of migrant field workers, who has been given the gift of mobility.

Cezar has always been disabled; never knowing what it was like to move about on his own. Antonio and Isabel Velasco, volunteers with Project Amigo, first met Cezar a couple of years ago when they got the opportunity to deliver his first wheel chair. For the first time in his life, he could move about freely; allowing him the independence that every young child deserves.

On a more recent visit Cezar not only received a warm welcome from old friends, but new clothes, a play mat, toy cars and his own guitar! “Cezar’s eyes grew bigger and bigger as I pulled out the cars,” recalls Isabel.

Not only did Cezar and his family benefit, but six of his classmates were also reciepients of much needed clothing and toys. When you purchase GROW bananas, you are helping people like Cezar and his friends gain a better life. It is stories like Cezar’s that keep Organics Unlimited dedicated to the success and efforts of the GROW fund.