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Eloina’s Story

Eloina Lopez GROW Project Amigo

September is also Hispanic Heritage Month and Self-Improvement Month, two celebrations that coincide perfectly with GROW Month. Meet Eloina Lopez. She is a recent recipient of an educational scholarship from Project Amigo thanks to funding of the GROW Program. Organics Unlimited, creator of GROW thanks you for your support. When your customers purchase GROW bananas, you inspire youths like Eloina who get a better chance to have a better future. Continue reading

GROW Scholars Support Their Communities

GROW Scholars Support Communities

GROW Month has officially begun! Throughout September, we all must band together to help increase awareness of GROW (Giving Resources and Opportunities to Workers) and all the opportunities we are providing to those who are less fortunate. This program hits home for many of the young people you are affecting. Helping support GROW month through increased consumer marketing will increase sales and benefit your image as a socially responsible retailer. Continue reading

GROW Month 2012 Begins in September!

GROW Month

GROW Month is less than a week away and there is still time for you to prepare! There are many ways retailers can participate this year and it’s never too late to begin. From handing out samples to promotional materials or revitalizing your GROW banana display, increasing the awareness of GROW will not only help your store’s sales, but also send a positive message to your customers.  Continue reading

What is GROW and How Can You Participate?

GROW by Organics Unlimited

GROW is a program developed by Organics Unlimited that helps fund programs for farm workers and their families. Now is the perfect time to get involved because GROW Month is coming this September. Every year we ask our customers to spread awareness of GROW, hoping to reach out to more consumers.

Founded in 2005 on the principle of providing better opportunities for banana-growing communities, the GROW fund has helped thousands of families in Mexico and Ecuador through unique programs and services. Continue reading