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Study: Teens Buying More Organic

Study Teens Buying More Organic

A wide-ranging study of teen consumption trends states that more teens are choosing organic food compared with two years ago.

Minneapolis-based Piper Jaffray & Co. recently released its 26th semi-annual “Taking Stock With Teens” consumer research project . The study found that 39% of teens reported they ate organic food compared with 33% two years ago. Continue reading

Booming Banana Business

Organic Bananas San Diego Business Organics Unlimited

Mayra Velazquez de Leon stepped into her parents’ banana plantation business when she was just a sixth-grader. She could speak English — and her folks couldn’t — and they needed her help when they began exporting bananas to San Diego from the states of Colima and Jalisco in Mexico in the 1970s.

Velasquez de Leon eventually began working full time for her father, who had found a niche in organic bananas. Continue reading

Partnership Fosters Organic Bond between Coconut Supplier and Producer

Kippy and Max - Truly Raw Gourmet

San Diego, CA (May 29, 2012) There is a growing demand for coconuts as consumers begin to realize the beneficial properties of organic coconuts and coconut water.  Organics Unlimited, supplier of mature organic coconuts from Mexico, has partnered with Truly Raw Gourmet to provide coconuts for their coconut cream used in making their sorbets without losing sight of their organic promise.

“We did a lot of research to find a company that could provide us with a completely organic, mature coconut,” says Truly Raw Gourmet owner, Kippy Miller.  “The other coconuts we found were young Thai coconuts, which require dipping in order to maintain quality in shipping.  This dipping process involves chemicals, which concerns us in maintaining the organic nature of our product. Although many raw food companies will use these, we have chosen to stay organic.  Organics Unlimited was the only company to offer mature organic coconuts that were not dipped.”

Truly Raw Gourmet is very particular in their choice of ingredients for their sorbets.  Their goal is to provide a truly healthy product that is also exquisite in taste.  In addition to the coconuts from Organics Unlimited, all sorbets contain locally grown fresh organic fruit in season and local raw unheated honey.  And everything is packed for the consumer in eco-glass packaging to maintain its purity and healthful properties.

The partnership between Organics Unlimited and Truly Raw Gourmet is based on the altruism to sustainability in both organizations.  “We have discussed the way we grow our coconuts in Mexico with Both Kippy and her partner Max Wolfe,” said Organics Unlimited president Mayra Velazquez de Leon.  “Our focus on making sure our workers are treated well and receive fair wages was very important to Truly Raw Gourmet.”

The benefit of providing a lower carbon footprint because of the shorter distance the fruit travels before reaching the US is a part of providing more sustainable products.  The need Truly Raw Gourmet has for transparency in sourcing and operations has provided a strong synergy that has made this collaboration successful not only economically, but also philosophically.

Famous Quotes Sell Bananas: Industry Perks Tied to Facebook Promotion

Organics Unlimited Logo

San Diego, CA (January 18, 2012) — Building on the thought that most people are fascinated and inspired by the quotes of famous people, Organics Unlimited is launching a new marketing campaign for 2012 that will provide words of wisdom to the industry, and to consumers.  The first ads and merchandising materials break this month, quoting Aristotle, “Quality is not an act. It’s a habit.”

“The quality message takes us back to basics in the way we operate and we know our customers want to operate,” says Organics Unlimited president Mayra Velazquez de Leon.  “We work continually on improving the quality of everything we do, from farming techniques to customer service and delivery.  When we talk to management at the distributor and retailer level, they are also focused on changing habits and making improvements in the new year.”

During the first quarter of this year, Organics Unlimited will be running Famous Quote ads in both print and online media.  Selected ads will appear without the name of the person being quoted.  The first person to see each “omission” and post where they saw it on the company’s Facebook wall will receive a gift card.

This year’s Famous Quotes campaign will include attractive point of purchase materials as well as merchandising ideas that give shoppers incentive to use an increasing number of organic bananas – already the most popular item in the produce department.  Store merchandisers and produce managers can get ongoing ideas by following Organic Odes at www.organicsunlimited.blogspot.com. Organics Unlimited has added a recipe section to their Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/OrganicsUnlimited?sk=notes) to provide additional ideas at both the store and consumer level.

Organics Unlimited is a San Diego-based distributor of organic produce from Mexico and South America, providing GROW-certified bananas.  They are USDA certified for the US and Canada through Organic Certifiers.  Organics Unlimited offers organic bananas through their traditional label as well as the GROW label.  For more information on Organics Unlimited and GROW, visit their website at www.organicsunlimited.com or call 619.710.0658.