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Encourage and Reward Kids to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Create a Kids Program to Encourage and Reward Healthy Eating

Adult consumers are becoming more health conscious each day. That means they will be focusing more attention on your produce section, but what about their children? We know that kids can be picky eaters at times, so why not reinforce the benefits of healthy eating with positive merchandising and signage?  Continue reading

Heat Up Your Produce Sales with Tropical Fruits

Heat Up Your Produce Sales with Tropical Fruits

Take your customer away to a tropical land by promoting organic bananas and coconuts, as well as other warm destination fruits such as plantains and red bananas. Tropical fruits bring a bit of the exotic to shoppers throughout the year.
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Merchandise Your Organic Bananas in Preparation for Spring

Merchandise Your Organic Bananas in Preparation for Spring

The first day of spring is quickly approaching. With daylight saving time now taking into effect, your customers will want to be out and about more often, which means they will need to keep their energy levels up. Help your customers maintain their active lifestyles with organic bananas and make sure you provide them with reasons to keep coming back for more through informative merchandising. Continue reading

9 Healthy Benefits of Bananas Children Should Know

9 Healthy Benefits of Bananas Children Should Know

March is National Nutrition Month, and to celebrate we have nine valuable tips that you can utilize in your point of purchase materials to market to children. As grown ups we understand the value of bananas and why it’s important to eat your fruits and vegetables. Targeting these fun facts at children will encourage them to be more excited about their health and will have them asking their parents to buy more organic bananas. Continue reading

11 Healthy Facts About Bananas You Need to Know

Top 11 Banana Health Facts

Throughout the second quarter we have emphasized the strengths of promoting healthy lifestyles in order to increase organic banana sales. There is no doubt that organic bananas are one of the healthiest options for your consumers to enjoy. Displaying fun and useful facts will serve as a great reminder of the ways your customers can reap the benefits of bananas. Check out 11 of the best healthy facts about bananas you can share today! Continue reading

Understanding America’s Eating Culture

Understanding America's Eating Culture

During United Fresh 2013′s Retail-Foodservice Super Session, June Jo Lee of the Hartman Group explained that the way Americans think about food has changed dramatically in the last 50 years. Continue reading

How Changing Demographics Will Help Produce

How Changing Demographics Will Help Produce

At the United Fresh 2013 post-show Produce Marketing & Merchandising Conference, there were two presentations that focused on the country’s changing demographics: one on the growing multicultural population and one on how the ages of consumers will shift in the next 10 years. The good news for produce is that both of these trends can lead to increased category sales if the department takes advantage of the opportunities. Continue reading

Straighten Up and Fly Right


Many times, a good straightening is in order for a produce department to go from messy to respectable presentation. This step is crucial, and it is especially beneficial after a wave of customers have shopped your department.A columnist from The Packer puts his two-cents on the subject matter. Continue reading

Take Advantage of Dairy Month and Fresh Fruit and Veggie Month

Take Advantage of Dairy Month and Fresh Fruit and Veggie Month.jpgThroughout June, celebrate Dairy Month as well as Fresh Fruit and Veggie Month with your customers. Bananas make the perfect ingredient for healthy recipes or choice alternatives to greasy salty snacks. Make great use of June by promoting ways your customers will stay healthy with bananas. Continue reading

Utilize Bananas to Improve Mental Health

Take Advantage of Bananas to Better Mental Health

Bananas are known for improvement of our physical health, but did you know they are a viable source to increase mental health as well? May is Mental Health Awareness Month and is a great way to help those in need of a mood booster. Continue reading