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Perfectly Fresh Means Happier Customers


When your customers shop the produce aisles, they’re looking for quality, freshness and appeal.  What they see that looks at the peak of ripeness without being past its prime is what they will often buy. So the more that they can rely on your stores for “perfectly fresh” produce choices, the more they will come back specifically to fill their carts with good tasting bananas, tomatoes, melons and peppers.  Continue reading

Organic Bananas are Naturally Delicious

Organic Bananas are Natural Delicious

It’s without a doubt that organic bananas taste considerably better than conventional bananas. Thanks to the organic growing process, and the fact that ours come from as close as Mexico, the fruit tastes better and fresher. Simply put, organic bananas are naturally delicious. Use this to your advantage when selling organic bananas to your customers.  Continue reading

5 Great Banana Recipes for a 4th of July Picnic

5 Great Banana Recipes for a 4th of July Picnic

Tomorrow is the big day, the 4th of July. But today, July 3, is one of the largest shopping days of the year. While some of your customers may throw a backyard BBQ or go to the beach, many will be going to a park to enjoy the fireworks. A lot of people will want to get to the parks early to grab a good seat, which will most likely involve a picnic basket or an array of food items. Provide them with these five recipes that are great for a picnic atmosphere.

Continue reading

Why Athletes Need Bananas

Why Athletes Need Bananas

In celebration of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, and with Mexico clinching a spot in the second stage, we must celebrate athletes. Athletes make up a major part of who buys bananas, and with good reason. Of course we are always told that bananas are important for you if you’re involved with any athletic activity, but why exactly? Find out after the break.  Continue reading

Celebrate the Summer Sun with Organic Bananas

Celebrate the Summer Sun with Organic Bananas

Summer is here as of June 21. More than ever, your customers will be actively out and about. This gives you the perfect opportunity to promote organic bananas. They are the all natural fruit that provides hours of energy and the perfect portable snack.  Continue reading

8 Simple Banana Recipes to Use for In-Store Sampling

9 Simple Recipes to Use for Sampling In-Store

Everyone knows what bananas taste like, but in addition to a taste test between conventional and organic bananas, create unique sampling opportunities to catch your customers off guard in a positive way.

Not only will fun, prepared samples direct your customer’s eye to the produce section, but they will also provide a great cross promotional opportunity with other products in your store(s).

After the break, check out these eight great banana recipes you can easily prepare in your store as samples without any hassles. Continue reading

Highlight Organic Bananas During Fresh Fruit and Veggie Month

Highlight Organic Bananas During Fresh Fruit and Veggie Month

June is National Fresh Fruit and Veggie Month, a time to celebrate your produce section and promote healthy eating. Bananas are hands down the best selling produce item in retailers throughout the nation, and next month will be a great chance to give them the praise they deserve. As one of the healthiest food items to sell to your customers, nothing comes close to this year-round tropical, yellow fruit. Everybody wins with organic bananas.  Continue reading

Why the Organic Banana Growing Process Matters

Why the Organic Banana Growing Process Matters

The advantages of organic bananas are numerous and very important. But at the store level, sometimes consumers only see the slightly higher price. Communicating the organic growing process to the consumers can help persuade them to make the switch from conventional to organic, which will benefit their health and your sales.  Continue reading

Celebrate a Healthier Memorial Day Weekend with Bananas

Healthy Memorial Day Weekend

Get your customers thinking healthy this Memorial Day Weekend! There are plenty of ways in which you can pique their attention with fun recipes and displays that will get them thinking fresh and naturalContinue reading

Go Bananas for Teacher Appreciation Week

Bananas Teacher Appreciation Week

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day, and Week! We know students mostly identify apples with teachers, but why not give students the idea to go outside the box and give their teacher a banana this year? Both fruits are naturally fat free, but bananas have the same amount, if not more of all vitamins – and in our opinion taste better. Continue reading