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Prepare for GROW Month this September

Prepare for GROW Month this September

We are less than two months away from our favorite time of the year, GROW Month! Every September, we celebrate everything that is GROW and we encourage all to share the amazing stories and work that has been accomplished thanks to your support. Continue reading

GROW: Ecuador Early Childhood Education Project – AFLATOT Program

GROW Ecuador Early Childhood Education Project Update 16

The Early Childhood Education Program, “Semillas” (Seeds), has been able to continue its incredible development because you choose GROW bananas.  Now in its second stage, the program has been enhanced with the social and financial education program Aflatot to meet Children International institutional objectives. The program now dovetails with sister programs offered in Ecuador for older children: Aflatoun (for children ages 6-11) and Aflateen (for youth ages 12-19). Learn how your support of GROW contributes to these efforts after the break.

Continue reading

GROW Funded Ecuador Early Childhood Education Project Update

GROW Ecuador Early Childhood Education Project Update

Thanks to our wonderful supporters of the GROW program, Children International is able to continue to develop and expand its Early Childhood Education program in Guayaquil, Ecuador. We have seen incredible growth and response to this amazing program with even more volunteers and children. Learn more after the break.  Continue reading

Incorporate Sustainability into your Business Plan

Incorporate Sustainability into your Business Plan

Whether you like to admit it or not, 2014 is right around the corner and now is the best time to start thinking about your business plan for the New Year. Incorporating sustainability is a great addition to your business plan because it’s a sure fire way to set yourself apart from the competition and bring a new way of thinking to your customers to increase sales. Continue reading

Organics Unlimited Gives Thanks for Sustainability this Holiday

Giving Thanks for Sustainability this Holiday

From all of us at Organics Unlimited we’d like to express our thanks to everyone for your support this holiday season. Thanksgiving is always a great time to reflect upon the positivity of sustainability.

Giving thanks can be go beyond our friends and family, our careers, our homes, and material possessions; we mustn’t forget that without the Earth we wouldn’t have such wonderful opportunities in our lives.

So remember to give thanks to the Earth this year among everything else. Remind yourself to practice sustainability in your everyday life and relay that message to your customers. Every act of kindness counts; and the more we give back and appreciate the Earth, the more we can stay here to give thanks.

We appreciate your kind words and feedback, and hope you have a fantastic holiday.

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Be Kind, Give Back, and Support Sustainability

Be Kind, Give Back, and Support Sustainability

November is a time when we reflect on all the aspects of our lives, big and small, that we can be thankful for. It is also the perfect time to give back and go beyond expressing thanks. November 13 is World Kindness Day and November 15 is National Philanthropy Day. What better time than now to raise customer awareness of sustainability and promote giving back to our planet? Continue reading

Sustainable Merchandising for the Holidays

Sustainable Merchandising for the HolidaysSelling sustainable is more than the products you carry on your shelves, it’s also a way of promoting who you are as a retailer. This holiday season, raise more awareness by creating a more sustainable environment for your customers. We all love buying sustainable products, but knowing that a store is run by sustainable practices is an added bonus your customers will value. Continue reading

The Organic Process of Bananas and Sustainability

The Organic Process of Bananas and Sustainability

Everything about growing bananas and the organic process comes full circle when sustainability is involved. It’s important to keep in mind how much growing organic leads to a sustainable life for your customers. Not only are you keeping your customers safe with the fruit they eat, but also the earth. Continue reading

Make a Difference with Sustainability on October 26

Make a Difference with Sustainability on October 26

Make a Difference Day is October 26 and it is your chance to share with your customers the impact they are making when they purchase Organics Unlimited bananas. Because our company has grown bananas organically from the start, we have been practicing sustainability for the past four generations. Continue reading

Sustainable Trend Requires Education Efforts

Sustainable Trend Requires Education Efforts

Organic, Fair Trade and other sustainable solutions remain popular with banana companies, and companies continue the education efforts needed to promote those programs. Continue reading