Welcome to Organic Odes, a blog for produce distributors and retailers, as well as a place for consumers who would like to learn more about Organics Unlimited. Here you can find tips you can use for merchandising, cross promotions, crop updates, nutritional information for your customers, and the latest updates on our company and the programs we support. Thanks for visiting, and feel free to leave comments. We’d love to hear from you!

At Organics Unlimited, we believe that the healthiest and most sustainable tropical fruits are grown organically. With a primary focus on bananas, we are growers first, importing top quality fruit from our farms and from other farms we supervise. We are a young company with roots deep in the soil of Mexico. Four generations of our family have grown bananas, and we use this experience to bring the freshest and healthiest tropical fruit from Mexico and South America to the United States, Canada and Asia.

We are committed to our customers and our growers. Our produce is closely controlled through the entire growing, harvesting and distribution process to ensure the fruit we provide meets our exacting standards and our organic certification requirements at all stages. We work continually with our growers to help them in managing their farms and educating them on the best techniques for maximum quality.

When founders Mayra and Manuel Velazquez de Leon started Organics Unlimited in 2000, it was with a mission to provide the best quality organic tropical fruits to consumers in the US, Canada and Mexico. The mission also included not forgetting the social responsibilities of their backgrounds – to care for the workers who make this quality possible.

From a state of the art warehouse and ripening facility near the US Mexican border in San Diego County, California, tropical fruit is distributed throughout the year to the western US and Canada. The same quality produce is shipped directly from the growing areas to the markets of Japan.

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