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Conventional vs Organic vs Genetically Modified

Pick your fruit right – Conventional vs Organic vs Genetically modified!

As you walk into the supermarket, you see a mind-boggling variety of fruits and vegetables. But have you ever wondered whether the attractive looking fruits which promise you that extra pulp and sweetness might not be your ideal health choice. Now there is a way to choose smartly and differentiate between conventionally grown, organically grown and genetically modified fruits by reading their labels carefully. Continue reading

10 Banana Facts

Organics Unlimited DisplayBananas are often considered a super fruit. They provide many nutritional benefits for the body, but other than their vitamins and potassium, bananas have a bigger effect on our bodies that can help with quick reliefs, such as heartburn. There are also some fun facts that you may not have known. Enjoy and share them with your social network. Send us any cool banana facts that we may be missing  by tagging your posts with #GROWmonth. Continue reading

Banana Beauty Tips

beauty-TipsHere are 10 beauty tricks you never knew you could do with bananas. While they help with your physical health and well-being, bananas also help maintain your youth and beauty. Try these at home and share your results with us. Don’t forget to tag  #GROWmonth on  Twitter, Facebook or Instagram when writing about GROW organic bananas. Continue reading

Household Uses for Bananas

HouseHold-UsesDid you know that a banana peel can be put to many uses? From polishing silverware to reviving a garden, these remedies can help create a sparkle to your home. Before tossing out the banana peel, try some of these. Share with us your before and after pictures on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using  #GROWmonthContinue reading

Display Idea: Smoothies for the Whole Family

Banana Smoothies
Photo credit: Courtesy of Adam at inspiredtaste.net

Summer is here, and the warmer weather provides an opportunity to market cool, refreshing products. Smoothies are a great option for a cross-merchandising display theme featuring Organics Unlimited bananas. Health nuts, adults on-the-go and children all love smoothies; a display will attract all types of customers.

Bananas make a great base for any smoothie so the display should feature baskets full of the organic fruit. Since it’s summer, capitalize on other fresh fruits that are in-season to create a colorful cross-merchandising arrangement. Strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, mango, peaches, oranges and coconuts are all beautiful fruits to feature in a display with bananas. Continue reading

Celebrate and Educate for National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month

June is Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month Organic Odes Organics UnlimitedPhoto courtesy of top10md.com.

June is National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month, which provides a large opportunity to promote fresh produce in your store. Luckily, organic bananas are always in season and are the perfect item to market by themselves or partner them with other fruits and veggies during this special month. Here are a few tips on the various ways you can market Organics Unlimited products to your customers. Continue reading

Grab-and-Go Banana Merchandising

By displaying bananas near the checkout, you can attract shoppers that are looking for a quick snack or breakfast. Photo courtesy of The Marco Company.

As spring turns into summer, schools are letting out for the break and children’s activities are beginning. This means many of your customers may be busier than usual with schedules full of soccer practices and family trips. Customers may be looking for “grab-and-go” products to accommodate their families’ on-the-go summer lifestyles. Luckily, Organics Unlimited bananas provide a great option for a snack or meal component for all ages of family members.

To inspire organic banana sales as grab-and-go food options, consider how you can tailor your merchandising and displays. Continue reading