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GROW Students Volunteer to Help Their Communities

GROW Students Volunteer to Help Their Communities

GROW students who receive scholarships in part by your kind support of the GROW program pay it forward year round. As part of the program, GROW scholars are required to give back by partaking in community service. Through tutoring, cleaning up their town, and other responsibilities, the GROW scholars are helping make an impact in their community. Continue reading

GROW Funding in Ecuador

GROW By Organics Unlimited Funding in Ecuador

Ecuador is a very under-developed country, and it is also a country that lacks good non-profit structure to help the people. At GROW, we have had our challenges to find the places where we can provide the most benefit to workers and their families. The following program has received GROW funding as a way of expanding leadership and self reliance among some of the poor but motivated population in Guayaquil, the largest city closest to the banana growing region. Continue reading

GROW Month Made it Count! Continue Support with Fair Trade Month

GROW Month 2012 Organics Unlimited

It’s been a fast, yet terrific month for Organics Unlimited and GROW. We have seen a lot of amazing support by consumers and retailers alike and we thank you all. With the culmination of GROW Month at the end of September, we ask that you please continue spreading the awareness of GROW all year round. GROW is not just a once a year promotion, it is a cause that Organics Unlimited supports continually through your banana purchases. Increase awareness of GROW and you will increase your sales. Continue reading

Learn More About GROW Through Videos

GROW Scholars Project Amigo

GROW Month has begun! We encourage our supporters to help raise awareness of the good that is made possible by the GROW Program. With your help, GROW will continue to provide opportunities to workers and families that they may have never had the chance to obtain on their own. Throughout September, continue to let your customers know about GROW and how easily it is to help. Continue reading

GROW Scholars Support Their Communities

GROW Scholars Support Communities

GROW Month has officially begun! Throughout September, we all must band together to help increase awareness of GROW (Giving Resources and Opportunities to Workers) and all the opportunities we are providing to those who are less fortunate. This program hits home for many of the young people you are affecting. Helping support GROW month through increased consumer marketing will increase sales and benefit your image as a socially responsible retailer. Continue reading

GROW Month 2012 Begins in September!

GROW Month

GROW Month is less than a week away and there is still time for you to prepare! There are many ways retailers can participate this year and it’s never too late to begin. From handing out samples to promotional materials or revitalizing your GROW banana display, increasing the awareness of GROW will not only help your store’s sales, but also send a positive message to your customers.  Continue reading

Support GROW to Protect a Vision

The GROW fund started in 2005, and since then it has provided excellent vision clinics for workers and their families in the area where GROW bananas are grown.

Like the GROW dental clinics, volunteers go down to Mexico to help coordinate and manage the vision clinics for those who would like their eyesight evaluated. A worker’s eyesight is extremely important on the job, but poor vision also impacts their lives. Every year GROW provides hundreds of pairs of glasses to bring a clearer world to these workers. Continue reading